The Paramombie in me

paramedic mom

Right?? who else feels this way  ??  Actually it’s either nothing scares me or EVERYTHING scares me.   My kids are 20, 6 and 4  ( I know I know ) ….. when it comes to your common everyday sniffles, cuts, scrapes and bruises  it has to be pretty damn serious for me to consider a trip to the ER.  When my 4 year old was about one and a half he had croup pretty bad and was struggling a bit with his breathing.  I was pretty close to taking him in then but we got it under control at home. Why bother the ER with something I can handle right ??    I did however call the boo boo bus when my oldest (13 at the time) fell off a horse who reared over backwards and landed on her pelvis.

paramedic mommy

However, we live on a farm and I see the danger in everything. My kids love to help feed our horses but I am terrified to let them use the pitchfork for fear they will become impaled on it. Ridiculous I know but I run through trauma scenarios in my head every time I see them with that fork.   Of course it doesn’t end there,  like I said I see the danger in everything so I have to find a way to calm my crazy and let them be kids and have fun. Thankfully my hubby isn’t as paranoid as I am , but he’s never had to pull a 6 month old out of a window after a roll over or had to rush a 6 year old to the hospital after a nasty fall down a flight of stairs. I guess we balance it out and our kids don’t have to live in a bubble…….. and insert interruption from 4 year old who had an “accident” in the bathtub ……like wtf …. he’s been potty trained for a year but this week has had 3 accidents .  He hasn’t done that since we first trained him.  Guess it’s off to the ER could be c-diff  …………



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