Me in a nutshell

So I  am here to tell you a bit about me, the paramombie.  I was a mom first. I had my first daughter at the tender age of 23.  I was a single mom but she was a welcome surprise and she changed my life for the better in every way possible.  I was a horse trainer at the time, living in the mountains making pretty much no money so I chose to move back home with my Dad and figure my shit out so I could support us.  I ended up deciding I needed a new career, less dangerous and more lucrative ….. so I went to university, originally to become a veterinarian but sadly that was not to be so I went into biology and ended up working at a greenhouse for a while,  a job I actually really enjoyed.  But life circumstances led me back to my hometown once again and our local ambulance service was in need of staff and willing to pay for training for people to take the EMT course , so I signed up! I should mention my mom is also an EMT and may have played a role in sucking me into this life.  I should also mention while going to school I met someone and got married, he was a lot older than me and once we moved back to my hometown things quickly went south and we divorced after only being married for 3 years.  I think my journey into EMS was difficult for him.  I was always a bit of a loner , never had a lot of friends but when I started EMS I quickly found my people and I guess I changed.  So I worked EMS and was a single mom again for a few years until I met my now husband and father of my other 2 kids. He’s a farmer and we have a pretty terrific family. We now own the farm I grew up on. I have worked EMS for 12 years ,  I have taken my intermediate care paramedic course as well as a community paramedic course.  Because of farm life and young kids I only work casually right now but it’s enough for me.  I am finding I have a love / hate relationship with EMS .  The last 4 years have been tough. I have had some really bad calls that I struggle to deal with and I also find it is really hard to balance having a family and working EMS.  I am trying to figure it out, because at times even though I hate it , I do also still love it and I can’t seem to find anything else I would rather do.  So I guess I am sticking with it for now.  Side note… oldest who never showed any interest in EMS or anything medical , is starting paramedic school this fall….. who knew…… 3 generations of paramedics.  Kind of makes me smile.

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